Private Clubs

Enhance the
member experience

Combine golf’s best traditions with cloud and mobile technology to take member events, leagues and outings to the next level.

Golf Genius provides all the tools needed to manage organized golf at a private club, from simple member events and charity outings to weekly leagues and member trips, to multi- day "majors" like member/guests, club championships, and invitationals.

Less Work for your team, More Fun for your members and guests, and More Revenue for your club.

Accessible anytime from anywhere

Golf Genius is cloud-based software, so it’s always on and accessible wherever you happen to be.When you need help, our comprehensive online Knowledge Base is just a click away and our product support experts are available 24/7.

Large library of tournament formats

No other tournament management system can match Golf Genius when it comes to handling the wide variety of formats and competitions that are played at private clubs. From simple events to complex multi-day tournaments and everything in between, we've got it covered.

Online event registration

Eliminate registration by paper, phone, or email and save time with custom online registration forms to capture any information you need for member events, league signups, and outings.

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Wide range of printed materials

Add a professional touch with fully customizable scorecards, cart signs, scoreboards, and more. Generate any report you need in seconds, design your own customized reports, or select from a library of reports created by our user community.

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Fully customizable event websites

Easily create a dedicated website for each member event, league, outing, or member trip. Engage members and guests by sharing event information, tee times, leaderboards, photos and more.

Increase revenue from outings by providing online registration and payments plus custom sponsor content and branding.

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Mobile app and live scoring

Engage members with live scoring and leaderboards through our free mobile app. Increase revenue from outings by offering live scoring and custom sponsor content. Eliminate manual scoring and save time with instant calculation of final results.

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Live TV leaderboards

Follow the action in the clubhouse, on the patio, or anywhere around the club with large TV displays showing live leaderboards, photos, and more.

Full integration with club systems

Golf Genius improves productivity and eliminates manual processes by integrating with other club systems, including your club website, club mobile app, tee time system, and cart/GPS displays.